What is the GRS Legacy Series?
by GRS

Friday, January 25th, 2013 Published in: Grs Legacy Series

What is the GRS Legacy Series?

During the mid-20th century, a renaissance in hand engraving began to take place. Learning to hand engrave had always been difficult, and trade secrets were rarely shared.

As pneumatic technology for engravers became available, an open and passionate generation decided to keep the wonderful art of engraving alive through classes, books, and videos. GRS hopes to add to the wealth of knowledge now available through this new series for hand engravers.

The first in this series is Engraving the Meek Squirrel with Jake Newell. This 2-hour DVD features a bulino project from start to finish. He covers everything from transferring a design and securing the workpiece to metal inlay and finishing touches.

The original artwork, created by the late James B. Meek, is available in vector and JPG format on the GRS website. A project kit is also available.

For details, visit the Quick Guide article on this video: Engraving the Meek Squirrel with Jake Newell — Tool List & Download