Engraving the Meek Squirrel with Jake Newell — Tool List & Download
by GRS

Friday, January 25th, 2013 Published in: Grs Legacy Series

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GRS Legacy Series

The GRS Legacy Series is a new video series to help further the art of engraving.

Sharing His Art

Since Mr. Meek designed this image to help train future engravers, GRS wants to help make that happen. So this image is available to all engravers free on our website. If you would like to try engraving it yourself, a stainless steel key fob is available with the outline applied.

Hand Engraving by Jake Newell

Professional hand engraving artist Jake Newell worked on this Meek Squirrel as a special project for GRS. Below is his take on the image, complete with a touch of gold and copper inlay.

Tools & Materials as used by Jake Newell

  • Meek Squirrel Image — Free download
  • Vellum or tracing paper
  • No. 2 or HB Pencil
  • Tape
  • Acetone
  • Laser Copier with size reduction and darken functions
  • Burnisher
  • Scribe tool
  • Super glue and steel block for workholding
  • GRS Standard Block
  • GraverMach AT with oil-free air source
  • Standard Monarch Handpiece
  • GRS-Meiji zoom stereo microscope
  • Graver for bulino cutting
  • Graver for inlay undercutting

Files for Download

Download these files for personal study.

Click the link below to load the image in this window. Right-click and choose "Save as..." or "Save image as..." to save this image or file.

Meek's Squirrel, JPG : 900 KB (0.9 MB), 300 DPI, 4 " x 5 " approx.

Reverse: Meek's Squirrel, JPG: 900 KB, 300 DPI, 4" x 5 " approx.

Meek's Squirrel, EPS Vector : 532 KB, 8.5" x 11 " approx.

The Story, PDF: 1.7 MB, 300 DPI, 11" x 8.5 " (Letter, Landscape).

You may also download all of these files as one Zipped file.
All Files, ZIP: 2.4 MB, Zipped Archive.

Stainless Steel Key Fob for Kit #030-609
This kit includes one Stainless Steel Key Fob
Style 2 (#003-301) with a lasered outline of
Meek’s squirrel, a print of the story, and a
large-scale image for study.

(#030-609) —$9.80