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WEBSITE LINKS // Helpful links to websites outside GRS Tools, as well as some GRS-related sites.

Engraver's Cafe Forum Site:
Meet with other engravers and share your work on Sam Alfano's largest community forum for hand engravers.

FEGA Site:
Find out how you can be a part of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA). Promoting the art of firearm engraving since 1981.

Hand Engraving Gallery Site:
Find engraved work for sale and showcased.

Sam Alfano's iGraver Site:
Contains dozens of tips and tutorials from professional engraver Sam Alfano.

GRSTC Schedule Site:
Get the latest GRSTC schedule online through this quick link.

GRS Training Center Site:
Check out the latest courses and instructors bios for the GRS Training Center.

Grand Masters Program Site:
Learn more abou this special annual event from GRS.

GlenSteel Site:
A site dedicated to information about GRS GlenSteel products.

Accu-Finish Site:
Accu-Finish is well-respected product line intended for the building and sharpening of cutting tools for industry and the smaller shop. Using the same low speed diamond plated wheel technology as the highly successful PowerHone, Accu-Finish can accuratel

Glendo Corporation Site:
Visit the Glendo Corporation site, the company that started it all: GRS, Accu-Finish, and Handworker.

Thermo-Loc Site:
Thermo-Loc softens with heat (use microwave oven, heat gun, slow cooker, etc.) to a pliable clay-like consistency that you can form around your work. At room temperature, Thermo-Loc is tough, hard and holds securely. It’s economical and practical because

HandWorker Site:
HandWorker is a pneumatic production tool designed to hold wire crimpers, diagonal cutters, pop rivet guns, wire strippers and many other hand tools which are handle operated. This air-actuated device eliminates the repetitive hand and arm stresses faced