What A "Purdey" Gun
work by Alain Lovenberg

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 Published in: 2009 Archives

Alain Lovenberg is a master of many styles. Whether he is working with lines or sculpting, his work is astonishing to say the least.

For the detailed work Lovenberg engraved on the Quails Gun, he describes it here: "On this Purdey shotgun, the six American species of quails are depicted: the gambles, the bobwhites, the mountain quails, the Montezuma quails, the scaled quails and the California quails. The scenes are carved in low relief, the backgrounds are gold inlaid and there are accents in gold, copper, silver and platinum on the plumage of the birds. It was a long work but what is unusual with this composition it is the absence of the traditional scrolls of acanthus leaves as ornamental motif."

"I have chosen some trees and plants which generally grow in the natural environment of these various species of quails such as the pine, the mesquite, the white oak etc... and I used their stylized foliage as decorative elements on the different parts of the gun."

Works such as these are an excellent source of inspiration for engravers both advanced and amateur, professional and hobbyist. If you want to add to your skills with a learning experience from a master engraver like Lovenberg, make sure you check out the GRS Training Center website on December 1, 2009 for the release of the 2010 Course Schedule.