Custom Engraved iPod – Now Finished
work by Ashton Ludden

Friday, October 2nd, 2009 Published in: 2009 Archives

In the July 24, 2009 Featured Photos, Ashton Ludden showed a work in process, her second engraved iPod. This model has a stainless steel back; it’s a tough alloy and fairly thin, but a perfect size a shape for engraving.

Since then, she has added more shading lines and textured the area under the griffin so it has something to sit on rather than appear to be floating in air. But the most interesting part is the banner with her last name, Ludden, on it.

If you refer to the July 24th photos, you'll see that Ashton had already cut several shade lines between the wing tips of the griffin similar to the original art by Durer. But after cutting some lines, she was not happy with this visually. Now she had quite a problem since she had already engraved several lines that could not be removed. Her clever solution was to create a banner using those lines and adding her name. But, it was never her original intention to have such a banner at all.

Experienced engravers can relate similar stories where mistakes had to be handled with style and artistic creativity. This is a great example of such a case.

Tools used: Ashton used Thermo-Loc for workholding and a GraverMach with Monarch handpiece. The graver that worked best for this thin stainless steel was GlenSteel.