A GRS MicroBlock with Sparkle
work by Alexandre Sidorov, Dima Semenets

Friday, June 19th, 2009 Published in: 2009 Archives

The GRS MicroBlock comes in a special version just for those creative individuals who like to make the block unique. This one features 77 white stones with a sparkling GRS logo in the center.

Alexandre Sidorov and Dima Semenets worked on this block during the BaselWorld 2009 Trade Fair. Many people at the fair enjoy seeing something different in the stone setting business, and this fair is the perfect environment to test out and demonstrate interesting techniques. One question that many ask concerns setting stones like these in a harder metal alloy like this stainless steel MicroBlock. Although many jewelers work with stone setting using softer metals like gold and silver, Sidorov and Semenets show that it can be done.

See more images of the process that these two world-class jewelers used to set stones in the metal. If you are interested in stone setting, whether you are a pro or you have never had the opportunity, the GRS Training Center offers regular 5-day courses you can attend regardless of your skill level. A special two-week advanced course is available in Emporia, Kansas, with Alexandre Sidorov — but don't wait — the application deadline for this special course is June 30th, 2009. Download your application now, or learn more about 5-day courses.