An Antique Beauty
work by Unknown Engraver

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 Published in: 2009 Archives

One of the caveats of jewelry engraving, especially when it involves soft metals like gold, is the eventual wear on the work.

However, this is rarely a deterrent for those who are passionate about jewelry engraving. Many engravers find that creating brilliant designs with a cut of a graver is quite satisfying. Unlike a decorative engraving on an heirloom firearm, jewelry that is worn often will succumb to some "softening" like this antique ring.

Neither the year nor the engraver of this ring is known, though the engraver did leave a name cut in crisp lettering. "Katherine Carver", whose name is inscribed inside, was perhaps the original recipient of such a wonderful gift of gold. Although little is known about this piece, it represents a rich history of engravers who create timeless and beautiful work that we can still enjoy today.