An "F" for Fancy
work by Sam Alfano

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 Published in: 2009 Archives

Adding a monogram or lettering to a piece of jewelry can take it from plain to perfect in little time. Mastering lettering skills takes a great understanding of how the forms work, not to mention how to cut each one in metal.

Sam Alfano, a master engraver who is known for his beautiful style and flawless micro-engraving, has the knowledge and the skill that it takes to make a simple piece of metal into something fancy. This plate shows just a single letter. Alfano's finesse with lettering allows him to not only cut each stroke with a graceful line but also embellish the open borders. A few fluid lines and leaves give this letter a polished look that is nothing less than fancy.

If you would like to learn more about this, you have the perfect opportunity with Sam Alfano himself at the GRS Training Center. The course Understanding & Executing Assorted Lettering Styles can help you get to the next step in your engraving, whether you do it solely for fun or as a career. Read more about Sam Alfano on the GRS Training Center website, where you can read his bio and view some of his work.