A Monogram In Silver
work by Tira Mitchell

Friday, April 3rd, 2009 Published in: 2009 Archives

Sometimes simplicity is as beautiful as an ornate design. Tira Mitchell cut this quick monogram to test out how well this particular silver pendant works for engraving.

Here she chose an effortless capital 'G'. Although this monogram takes little time to execute compared to many of her other works, a new engraver can learn from it just the same. With a soft amount of stippling, the 'G' automatically stands out from the background. This also softens the whole look, giving a more feminine elegance. To create this soft stippling, Mitchell used a very sharp and small custom-shaped point tool with the GRS Monarch Handpiece. The Monarch is perfect for lighter application and more delicate metals such as silver.

This piece is very articulate of Mitchell's style. She can use lines, however many or few, to give great expression to the work she creates. Whether it is jewelry or a chromed motorcycle part, whether feminine or masculine, Mitchell has a diverse skill set that shows through even this small, demure pendant.