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Monograms Made Easy
work by Sam Alfano

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 Published in: 2007 Archives

Monograms and initials are a traditional bedrock skill for engravers and jewelers. Clients naturally want their personal identification engraved on important things, so monogramming and lettering provide an instant opportunity.

With dozens of different monogram styles, at least one design will fit an area just perfectly. Around the 1920s, a clever engraver named F. W. Crocker developed a unique “system” for designing widely different monograms quickly and easily. He put his system in a book titled Crocker Novelty Monogram System Standard of the World (#022-821).

This money clip has a three-initial monogram “DJG” that was designed in seconds using Mr. Crocker’s system. The third picture shows the three parts from the book used to create this monogram. For many years this book was unavailable; today, GRS has brought it back. For more information on this great book, visit the NEW! Media section.

If this type of engraving interests you, consider enrolling in Todd Daniel’s Monogramming & Lettering Class at the GRS Training Center.

Tools used: GraverMach with Airtact control, 901 handpiece, Thermo-Loc work-holding plastic, engraving vise, and a square graver.