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The New GraverMach AT by SAM ALFANO
I've been testing the new GRS GraverMach AT and thought I'd share my experience with this dual-mode system. It features conventional foot pedal engraving and Airtact palm operation in a single unit. Gone is the need for an outboard Airtact box!...

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The Legends Churchill & Colt .45 by ANDREW BIGGS
Normally legends are what we talk about in the past tense. However this book is really about 2 modern day legends being brought together by patron Hugh Eaton. The first legend is the Colt .45 and the other is the North American engraver, Winston Churchill....

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More Than Just a Colt .45 by D.J. GLASER
This is an expensive book, yet it’s unlike any literary work on engraving in many significant ways. Some of you will immediately decide you should own it. Others may wonder if they should invest in one or not. If you aren’t sure, you should seriously consider buying one to avoid the possible regret when it is sold out....

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The Churchill-Eaton Colt .45 Book by SAM ALFANO
A few days ago I received a copy of Winston Churchill’s new book The Churchill-Eaton Colt .45. This is one book that all engravers will want for their libraries....

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